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BIG Thanks

Despite the downpours it was so great to see the Oxhey community and those from further afield come along to support the fayre and not let a shower or two dampen the spirits! I say it alot and hope you agree but it’s one BIG reason which makes Oxhey such a great place to live. Huge thanks must go to Caron Brennan for doing such a fantastic job of organising the event and the rest of the OVEG committee and village volunteers who work tirelessly to put on these great events.

Thanks too to all the different varities of entertainment who all continued to entertain regardless of the rain and also to the stallholders.

Please do come and show your support again for our next event ‘Picnic on the Green’ on Sunday 14 July. Bring your own picnic but lets hope no umbrellas are needed!

Best wishes

Ruth Blake – OVEG Chair


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This entry was posted on 16 June 2013 by in All News, OVEG Events.