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Planning Updates

Planning updates courtesy of Watford Lib Dems…


Watford council has now received formal plans to build 164 homes on this site. This will be made up of 63×1 bedroom flats, 96×2 bed flats and 52×3 bedroom flats. Cllr Shirena Counter and OVEG have worked closely on this proposal with the developer  to ensure the design is in keeping with the surrounding area. This has also meant that they have included plans to include a 64 space public car park (on top of 278 spaces for residents and 112 cycle spaces). Access to the houses will be from Aldenham Road, rather than Bushey Arches, to try and limit the impact on congestion there. Full details on this application can be found here. You can also use this page to make formal comments on the application.


The business currently operating at Mayfair Bungalow on Oxhey Lane (who sell Christmas Trees all year round!) recently submitted plans to upgrade their site so that it could be used to “recycle dry non hazardous waste”. Your local councillors have been concerned about the operation of this business for some time. Residents have complained about the burning of waste here on what is Green Belt land. Stephen Giles-Medhurst formally objected to the plan, as did OVEG, Watford and Three Rivers Councils and many others. Officers at Hertfordshire County Council have rejected the proposal and ruled that enforcement action should be taken to remove the development from this land. This will go before a committee of county councillors on 25th June (Tuesday). We will let you know the outcome of this. This week’s Watford Observer covered this story here.


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This entry was posted on 24 June 2013 by in All News, Planning News.