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The latest Oxhey news courtesy of @OxheyOpinion

Eastbury Road will be closed from 8pm until 5am on Monday 2nd September from Bushey Arches to Deacons Hill to enable resurfacing work. Further sections of the road (towards Northwood) will be closed on the following two nights. Full details here.

An Oxhey resident contacted us about the unsightly vegetation growing out of Bushey Arches. We have been in touch with Network Rail, who are responsible for the viaduct. They have responded surprisingly quickly, saying they intend to do a targeted attack on the vegetation at this viaduct and then plan a long term strategy for dealing with the vegetation.

Along with OVEG, and Friends of Oxhey Park, we have had meetings with council officers and consultants working on the proposed Wiggenhall Link Road, which is part of the health campus plans. The result has been that the forthcoming planning application will involve the road being narrower than with the previous permission and being moved closer to the rail embankment, thus saving more of the playing fields land. We are meeting at the beginning of September to discuss arrangements for screening and noise mitigation.

Since Waitrose’s exhibition last year about their intention to redevelop the gasholder site in the Lower High Street for a new store, residents often ask us what is happening now. The truth is that things have gone quiet – no planning application has been submitted. There are known to be problems about the traffic arrangements involved in any redevelopment. Rumour has it that there are also difficulties in Waitrose’s negotiations with National Grid for the sale of the site. As soon as there is news, we will let you know.

There has been a further planning application for the waste site at Mayfair Cottage on Oxhey Lane. A large number of objections have once again been made and we are now waiting to see when this will be discussed by Hertfordshire County’s Development Control Committee. The local Lib Dem team remain opposed to this development on green belt land.

Parking bays have recently been installed at a number of locations in Oxhey village to help local businesses. These will run from 9am until 5pm from Mondays to Fridays with a maximum 30 minutes of parking. They are already being enforced by Watford’s Parking Shop. We have also reduced many double yellow lines to increase the number of parking spaces and put new double yellow lines on some street corners to discourage dangerous and inconsiderate parking.

Stephen Giles-Medhurst has funded the removal of well over 100 surplus signs and poles across his Central Watford and Oxhey Division. Many of these are in Oxhey, so if you see any old poles disappear in the coming weeks, that is why! He has also asked that the surplus and misleading signs for the train station, by Bushey Arches, be removed.

A number of new lamp-posts have appeared in Oxhey Village. Stephen Giles-Medhurst is liaising with the county contractor and trying to arrange for these to be painted the “Oxhey plum” colour as was agreed when the Oxhey Village Green Zone was set up. He is also trying to see if the paint on the older columns can be refreshed.

Haydon Road, Bucks Avenue and Sherwoods Road have all recently been resurfaced. Stephen Giles-Medhurst has asked for the work to be checked by Highways officials. The work is guaranteed so, apart from any wear and tear, defects will be put right. Oxhey Avenue is due for resurfacing in early September.

Stephen Giles-Medhurst is arranging for new footways to be laid in Green Lane, Haydon Road and King Edward Road. This will be paid for from his local Highways’  budget.

The problem of Lucketts’s occupation of the former Barhale site, next to Bushey station, continues. Their vehicles are unable to turn left onto Pinner Road, so end up turning right and having to go through Sherwoods Road and Bucks Avenue to turn round. This is causing a nuisance for residents, but is not illegal and the council has no power to take enforcement action. Luckett’s have said they would like to find a solution, but this has so far proved easier said than done. One possible solution is for Lucketts to buy a small piece of land at Bushey station, which would mean they could create a safe left-hand turn onto Pinner Road. While it may take a while to organise, this has received a positive response from the rail companies. It will need more work to make it happen, but we will continue to pursue this to give much-needed relief to local residents.

The council is in the process of developing a character appraisal for the new Oxhey conservation area. This is an audit of the special features of the conservation area, and what the council needs to do to protect it. Conservation area status does mean greater control on development by the council as planning authority, with some things needing planning permission that would not do so elsewhere. To be absolutely sure of not falling foul of the rules, it is worth contacting the town hall planning department if you are planning on carrying out any building works to a property in either of Oxhey’s conservation areas.

The consultation on plans for the Cassiobury Park conservation and restoration project as outlined at http://www.watford.gov.uk/ccm/content/strategic-services/press-releases/2013-08/tell-us-what-you-think-about-our-revised-plans-for-cassiobury-park.en  is currently running. Please note that the deadline for comments is 6th September.

Saturday 14th September from 10.30am. Meet by the river at the Wiggenhall Road end of the park. Enquiries to Celia Smith (celiasmithoxhey@gmail.com)


Saturday 31st August in Cassiobury Park from 11am. More info here.

One comment on “Oxhey News

  1. Liz Peskin
    18 May 2014

    Are there any plans for replacing the awful pavements in Upper Paddock Road. My 93 year old father fell over the uneven pavement last summer. He is till in pain almost a year on. It seems all the other pavements have been resurfaced in the village but the worst has been left.


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