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Book Launch

launches on 17 October

Ted Parrish was a well-respected local historian and filmmaker who documented the many changes to the fabric of life of the area in word and film through the decades. He was also a committee member of OVEG for many years, as well as organiser of the annual Village Fayre. This new book is based on the 96 articles he wrote for the Thomson Organisation’s ‘Evening Post-Echo’ between 1982 and 1983. Leisure, entertainment, shopping, education, transportation, special events, VIP visitors, housing and education are just some of the areas he explores from memory from the 1920s onwards and from his own historical research. He reflects on what it was really like to live in this corner of Hertfordshire in decades gone by and recalls his childhood memories of a barnstorming flying circus at Leggatt’s Farm in the ‘20s, Bricket Wood fair in its heyday, magic lantern shows in Oxhey and a garden party in sculptress Mary Bromet’s garden. He remembers the crowds at Watford’s 1935 Silver Jubilee celebrations and at Bushey House where two landmark events took place in the mid-‘30s.

ECHOES OF OLD WATFORD, BUSHEY & OXHEY is pure nostalgia. It documents the people, the places and the events that, for better or worse, shaped the area as we know it today.

Over the years, Ted witnessed the destruction of many of Watford’s historic buildings, including Cassiobury Park Gates; the loss of long-established historical connections; and the demise of the brewing and printing industries, for which the town was once justly famous. He captured the many environmental changes in Watford, Bushey and Oxhey on award-winning sound films and actively campaigned against what he saw as “acts of architectural genocide”.

Ted’s daughter, Lesley Dunlop, has added footnotes, readers’ letters and well over 200 illustrations, a significant number of which will be appearing in print for the first time.

This 222-page book will be a sentimental journey for some and a true eye-opener for others. Priced at £12.99, it will be available from 18 October from www.oveg.org, as well as www.pastdayspublishing.com, Watford Museum and Bushey Museum. Copies sold via OVEG will benefit group funds.

Lesley is giving a short illustrated talk at the Bushey & Oxhey Methodist Church, King Edward Road, Oxhey on Friday 18 October, 10.00 – 12 noon, where refreshments and copies of the book will also be available. All are welcome to come.

Echoes of Watford


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