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Lower Paddock Development

Have your say on the proposed development at 83 Upper Paddock Road. More info and the opportunity to comment here…


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5 comments on “Lower Paddock Development

  1. David fargus
    1 November 2013

    I have posted my objection to the proposed development at 83 Upper Paddock Road on the Watford Borough council planning page.

  2. Brian Coughlan
    1 November 2013

    I like many others have posted my objection to this very inappropriate development.

  3. Alan Luto
    2 November 2013

    Message from Alan Luto OVEG Village liaison Officer.

    Many of you have, by now, heard of the proposed development proposals of” Park House”. This Victorian House is at the end of Oxhey Green. It started out as a two up, two down Cottage which like many Houses in the Village has been extended.

    The proposal is to knock it down and replace it with three Houses each with 3 and a half Bedrooms. This will take up the full frontage from the Allotment shop to the back garden ends of the two Houses in Upper Paddock Road.

    This of course has significant ramifications:-

    It is the first development in our new conservation area (We should make clear that OVEG did not support the Conservation area which causes problems without any guarantee of real support from the Government) If passed one must wonder what will follow!
    It is one of the oldest houses in the Village and though successive owners have stamped their personal ideas on it there is character left particularly from the front-even though at present subject to natural camouflage.
    The Garden will go and the car parking problems will be further escalated .My guess is some 6 car parking slots will be lost and despite the houses having garages and more cars will be in evidence from the Houses. Query Children’s safety on the green.
    The houses are quite decent looking being sort of clones of the houses diagonally across the green—however it will be a wall of houses across what was the garden!

    OVEG will fight this, your help in supporting it would be of great help– the best way is to e mail your objections to developmentcontrol@watford.gov.uk Copy to me please alan.luto4@ntlworld.com You can still/also do a petition please don’t let me stop you .

    It will not be easy– the Developers have commissioned a comprehensive detailed document in support; this is available on the Watford council web site but quicker and easier on http://www.ukplanning careful it is large

    So as I said to the OVEG Committee “I will gird up me loins, put on me Blue Woad and go to battle” Please wish me luck. Somewhat punch drunk Alan

  4. john barrett
    2 November 2013

    What happened to the conservation area if this goes ahead it will mean nothing

  5. Jane Parker
    3 November 2013

    I see that Mr Fargus mentions that historically 83 UPR (Park House) was situated in a plot reaching down to Upper Paddock Road which was worked as a market garden. According to Mr Bryen Wood, late curator of Bushey Museum, this was where the Bushey Grove Apple was first developed. So it is definitely historically important.


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