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83 Upper Paddock Road

Local Councillor Iain Sharpe has just informed OVEG and other interested parties that the application to demolish the existing house and build three new houses on the plot at 83 Upper Paddock Road has been rejected.

OVEG, the community, local Councillors, and Watford’s MP and Mayor all joined forces and expressed their views.

There is likely to be an amended application submitted so OVEG will continue to monitor the situation and would encourage local residents to get in touch with us if they have any questions…

3 comments on “83 Upper Paddock Road

  1. Iain Sharpe
    6 December 2013

    Just to be clear. The applicants could submit an amended application. But they also have a right to appeal to the planning inspectorate against the council’s decision and the case is then heard by a government planning inspector.

    If this happens the council will vigorously defend its case at appeal. In addition all the objections made (there were around 40) will be forwarded to and read by the inspector.

    We will let people know as soon as there is any further news. It’s perhaps worth saying that the designation of a conservation area for Oxhey Village has been very important in enabling the council to take this decision.

  2. Kathy Hope
    7 December 2013

    As a former resident of Oxhey Village for some 40 years, I feel that Mr & Mrs Mackay have been treated disgracefully in regard to the plans for 83 Upper Paddock Road. A great deal of trouble has been taken to design a development which blends in with the village. Mr Mackay has made a huge input to the village over a period of 40 years and continues to do so. Shame on those who rushed into raising a petition before the Council had even made it’s decision. I think they have behaved like a pack of jackals! And as for the extremely intimidating ‘meeting’ held right outside their home whilst they were there, do these people have any idea how stressful and upsetting this must have been for Mr & Mrs Mackay? I’m appalled and disappointed at the way the village is treating them.

  3. John Bowtell
    18 December 2013

    I agree with Kathy Hope’s sentiments regarding the 83 Upper Paddock Road planning proposal, though jackals maybe a bit harsh.
    Ian Mackay has been a central figure in Oxhey life for decades and should be thanked for all his hard work. A few examples being:
    • A founder of OVEG and OVEG committee member for many years.
    • One of the leaders in the campaign in 1993 to save Attenborough’s Fields from developers who wanted to turn it into another golf course, and is still a member of the Friends of Attenborough’s Fields committee who help to manage and maintain the fields. For many years he was chair of the committee.
    • Compiler and documenter of the history of Oxhey Village, and co-compiler of Oxhey in Pictures.
    • Argued for conservation status for
    • Oxhey Village in the 1970’s when there was much more to maintain than now.
    • Designer of the Oxhey bull symbol.
    Just as an aside Ian Mackay is the architect and designer behind the war memorial proposed for Oxhey Green.


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