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Paddock Road Allotments

An update from Watford Borough Council on the Paddock Road Allotments Investment Programme in relation to the security of the site and whether or not to install fencing to enhance security…


3 comments on “Paddock Road Allotments

  1. vivien buckley
    13 January 2014

    Seems like a sensible compromise. Although not an allotment holder I have used this area for 60 years and am still fit enough to walk and enjoy the allotments, during the Summer a group of artists from Watford and Bushey Art Society use the area in which to paint.

  2. Is there any enhancement for Oxhey Grange Allotments, also in the OVEG area? OK, we are not in the conservation area part but we have special environmental considerations with endangered species especially lots of Slow Worms and Newts, we also have significant numbers of Bats… we recently had a campaign due to the demolition of 78 Oxhey Avenue. Where a presentation was made to the full Council.

    Will OVEG support our site too as we don’t want huge wooden fencing either plus it will destroy the remaining Hedgehogs who need to travel freely to mate and feed?

    • Mary Reid
      23 January 2014

      There have been 2 consultation meetings for Oxhey Grange with the Council – contact your site supervisor, Barry Mc Connel for details – I think that those who attended were happy with proposals. The maps for the improvements at all sites are on the Council website


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