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Safer Neighbourhoods Surgeries

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One comment on “Safer Neighbourhoods Surgeries

  1. Jackie Bryce
    14 February 2014

    I can’t make the meeting on the 20th and I always feel safe from the crime aspect , but I work at the Rnoh and I have to walk my dog at 6am every morning before leaving for work at 7am, ( I manage the sarcoma unit)
    The pavements are bad, and the lighting is appalling as most of the street lights are off to save money which encourages the foxes and frightens both the walkers and the dogs
    There are more and more dog walkers about at this early hour, the risk of accidents is very high.
    I have tweeted the local councillor but she was only interested in the crime aspect.
    I am in my 50’s and on my own, I fell in Merryhill road because of the weather and the slippery conditions. I do have to walk the dog as I don’t have a secure garden to let her out into, but I am concerned that in the bad lighting in the dark I may fall again and this time it could be more serious
    I am aware crime is significant, but so is being able to live our lives safely without risk
    Thank you


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