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Proposed Cemetery in Oxhey Village

Hertsmere Borough Council are proposing a cemetery for the former Watford Borough Council depot site at the Lower Paddock Road allotments.

They have published a consultation document which can be read here.

They are holding an exhibition at which you can raise questions with local officers on Monday 24 March at Bushey Country Club.

OVEG will attend the exhibition and report back…

One comment on “Proposed Cemetery in Oxhey Village

  1. Mary Reid
    6 March 2014

    This is really a Watford Borough proposal and was part of their sites consultation last year. Not sure of exact land ownership but I believe the land is owned and has been managed by Watford since the Second World War.
    I mentioned this in my article on allotments which appeared in the Dec newsletter and I submitted a formal comment to Watford with a copy to Hertsmere. I personally think it is an interesting idea but would worry about access. If there was any suggestion that the road through the allotments would need to be widened and plots were at risk I would fight that. It would be better if access could come from the Oxhey Lane.
    I am also concerned that if it is only the Depot site then that area is quite small

    I will attend the consultation and would welcome involvement from others
    happy to discuss with anyone – 238728

    Mary Reid


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