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Park House development appeal

We are aware that an appeal has been lodged by the developers of 83 Upper Paddock Road, ‘Park House’.

OVEG intend to add to our original objection with a separate letter to the planning authorities. We will publish this letter online and on our notice boards once it has been submitted.

We would also like to encourage individuals to submit their own thoughts. You can view the appeal online where you can also submit comments;


One of the OVEG committee contacted Watford Council yesterday who told us;

The application is exactly the same as before – it is an appeal not a new application for a smaller development.

All previous objections etc will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate, along with Watford Council’s reasons for kicking out the application. You can re-send any objection letters or new points etc to the Planning Inspectorate, but make sure you put the appeal reference on the letter.

The Inspector will make a site visit – in the presence of the applicant and the objector (Watford Council). The Inspector then gives his verdict and, unless there is a technical error of some kind, there is no further appeal by either side.

This process could take at least six months. If the application is kicked out again, the applicant can make another application for a different-sized development.

Please be assured that OVEG is aware of the community’s strong feeling about this development and will continue to monitor progress and represent the voice of our members.


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This entry was posted on 25 March 2014 by in All News, Planning News.