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Bucks Ave and Sherwoods Rd

Herts County Council is consulting residents in Bucks Ave, Sherwoods Rd and side roads on plans to ban buses and lorries in these roads (except for loading/unloading). Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst asked for this consultation to be carried out following complaints from residents about Lucketts coaches using these roads.

Responses should be sent by 7 August to tro@hertfordshire.gov.uk

2 comments on “Bucks Ave and Sherwoods Rd

  1. Josephine Ober
    28 July 2014

    I am definitely against coaches running up Bucks Hill, down Sherwood Road, Surely a better place could be found for these coaches to overnight. Where were they kept before?

  2. Fred Parker
    29 July 2014

    Banned from one route, the coaches will find another.
    They will turn right into Watford Heath and then right into Oxhey Avenue.
    Oxhey Avenue already suffers from the large vehicles which realise at the last minute that they cannot cross the narrow bridge


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This entry was posted on 28 July 2014 by in All News, Local News.