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The Big Wood Challenge

If you fancy a new outdoor challenge, why not try orienteering at Big Wood, South Oxhey on Saturday 22 November.  Thames Valley Orienteering Club is organising an introductory event and no experience is necessary to come and have a go. There’ll be courses for families and children as well as longer ones for runners and plenty of help will be on hand.

So, what is orienteering? It’s an adventure sport that involves finding your way between a series of checkpoints in the woods, registering each one with an electronic timing chip. However, there is no set course and you’ll need to find your own way between the checkpoints, using a detailed orienteering map (ideally, as fast as you can!). You can keep your map of the woods too – it shows all the paths, tracks, vegetation, pits, knolls, earth banks, streams and undergrowth. It’s very detailed and perfect to help you find your way around your course!

There will be five courses to choose from – they’ll range from 1km for children (nice and easy, along paths), with more moderate 2-3km courses (still fairly easy, but with more route choice involved between the checkpoints), up to 5km for more experienced adults (with the checkpoints set away from the paths and involving more navigation through the woods).

Big Wood is a former golf course, with remnants of the former greens, tees and bunkers set amongst pockets of woodland.  You might even come across a bomb crater! Just come along any time between 10am and 11.30am. Courses close at 1pm. The cost is only £5 for adults and family groups, or £2 for solo juniors. Parking is at the Pavillion pub, Green Lane, Watford, WD19 4LT. All the info is on www.tvoc.org.uk or on the Facebook event page at www.facebook.com/events/503511753085754. Please do send Mike an email if you’d like any further info: publicity@tvoc.org.uk


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This entry was posted on 30 October 2014 by in All News, Local Events.