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London Rd pavement petition

A campaign to get the county council to widen the pavement on Chalk Hill/ London Road is under way. It is particularly narrow near the bank of grass and bushes near the Osteopathic Clinic at 17 London Road.

Signatures are being collected on petitions about this at Loveday’s bakery and LJ’s cafe. It is hoped that, with enough backing, the county council will make improvements that will benefit people walking up the hill to Bushey from Oxhey.

via Oxhey Opinion

One comment on “London Rd pavement petition

  1. Carey Keates
    3 December 2014

    Conversation with local County Councillor: possible plan is to widen the pavement by pushing it out into the road, which is quite wide here, thus also protecting the surgery visitors’ parking along that stretch of London Road. Sounds a good idea, kills two birds with one project.

    Carey Keates


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