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Works between Grover Rd and Bushey Station

Many of you will have seen the recent works taking place between Bushey Station and Grover Road. This started with the removal of trees on the bank. Unfortunately, as this is private property, the council was unable to prevent this.

However, the removal of the trees and heavy rainfall resulted in safety concerns. Network Rail therefore undertook the initial work which involved building up the bank. GFL, who run the site, have since built a retaining wall to support the bank.

This structure will require retrospective planning permission. The council’s enforcement officers have visited the site several times and continue to monitor the situation very carefully. An Environmental Health team are also investigating complaints from nearby homes of lights shining into their properties.

via Oxhey Opinion

One comment on “Works between Grover Rd and Bushey Station

  1. Russ
    31 March 2015

    Update: the light issue has been sorted, but the more intrusive noise problem from the site is ongoing.

    The noise starts sometimes as early as 4am, with reversing alarms, the scraping of diggers across solid concrete and very loud and persistent crushing noises.

    Complaints are coming in from as far away as Villiers Road.

    Anyone wishing to notify the council — as many already have — should contact: envhealth@watford.gov.uk


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