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Allotments update

Great Crested Newts have been identified on the Paddock Road allotments so the planned improvement works will be delayed until Natural England issue a European Protected Species Licence. This will delay the planned work, probably until April 2015.

Watford Council, in anticipation of their new submission regarding Watford General Hospital, are seeking to submit a planning application in December to turn one of the fields adjacent to the depot at Paddock Road into more allotments. The Council has not yet issued a plan for the proposed extension, which will have to be submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council as the land falls within their boundary. Once the plan is available we will publish it.

3 comments on “Allotments update

  1. Paul Henley Washford
    20 December 2014

    I have not seen any news about FARM TERRACE allotments High Court victory, quashing Watford Borough Councils attempts to concrete over Farm Terrace allotments.
    I think this would be of interest to all OVEG members.
    Should you require a formal press release, I’d be more than happy to arrange for that to happen.
    Are the films which I gave you from my archive, available via the Oveg web-site?

    Paul HW
    Upper Paddock RD

  2. OVEG
    20 December 2014

    Hi Paul, I try to keep the website as Oxhey focused as possible, but for those that would like to find out more the Save Farm Terrace website can be found at http://savefarmterrace.wix.com/savefarmterrace or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SaveFarmTerraceAllotments

    Your film isn’t available from our website but I’m assuming it should be available via theirs?

    Please feel free to post updates on our Facebook wall…

  3. 1234567jack
    20 February 2015

    Regarding the Allotment extension, an application was submitted to Hertsmere borough Council on 22 Jan 2015. Application reference 15/0102/FUL



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