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Poo-free zone

Let’s make Oxhey a poo-free zone in 2015…

Poo Fairy


2 comments on “Poo-free zone

  1. Pip Piper
    5 January 2015

    We are so pleased this is being addressed as we are so fed up walking the streets when dark or even in daylight & getting our shoes covered in dog poo.

    Regards Margaret & Andrew Piper

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  2. Bill Stephens
    11 March 2015

    This would make more sense if the poo bins were kept clear. Have you SEEN the bin in the field at the end of Haydon Road??!! It is brimming over and is surrounded by poo-bags that don’t fit. It’s a disgrace. Who is supposed to empty these things?


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This entry was posted on 5 January 2015 by in All News, Local News.