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Crime victim support

Beacon (Hertfordshire Victim Care Centre) is a free service offering care and support for all victims of crime, even if you have not reported the crime to the police.

Visit www.hertfordshirebeacon.org for more information or you can call 0300 011 5555 (calls are charged at a local rate) to access help and advice.  The service is open every day from 7am to 10pm.

We know how distressing it can be to be a victim of crime.  That is why Beacon is available seven days a week to support you if a crime has happened.

For some victims, personal circumstances can make the impact of crime especially traumatic. In these situations our professionally-trained staff can arrange for specialist assistance, such as welfare visits or arranging home security improvements.

If you report the crime to police you will be referred automatically but, if you have not been able to report it, you are still entitled to support so please contact Beacon today.

You may also wish to take part in the extended Victims’ Voice survey to help us improve the service offered to victims of crime.  Originally, the survey was designed to help shape the new Beacon Victim Care Centre but we felt it gave such an important insight into peoples’ recent experiences, it will remain open permanently and ensure that your voice is heard.

The online survey can be accessed here: www.victimsvoice-herts.info or, if you prefer, you can call 0800 999 7499 (which is free to call from a landline).


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This entry was posted on 1 June 2015 by in All News, Local News.