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Attenborough Fields Fire

The fire brigade were called to a fire inside the base of one of the very large oak trees in Attenborough Fields yesterday afternoon at around 2pm. It is the biggest oak approx 100 metres in a direct line from the Haydon Road entrance.

Given the amount of rain we had on Friday it seems it must have been started deliberately sometime during Saturday morning/lunchtime.

If anyone saw anything that might be of interest please contact us in confidence at info@oveg.org and we’ll pass on any information to the relevant authorities.

Over the past couple of weeks there have also been incidents of vandalism, rubbish dumping, and from the evidence left behind, lots of Nitrous Oxide inhaling.

If you see anything suspicious please call the community policing team on 101.

One comment on “Attenborough Fields Fire

  1. Mandy
    26 July 2015

    I’ve called local police informing them of drug litter in our beautiful fields and to ask if we can have our local police officer more viisable in the village.
    I am really dissapointed that after taking the trouble to call the police nobody has bothered to follow up and reassure me that this problem is being addressed,
    It seems vandalism is now on the agenda too….this really needs to be stopped !!!! We as a community need help to stop this antisocial behaviour now !


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This entry was posted on 26 July 2015 by in All News, Local News.