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Planning Application

A planning application has been submitted to demolish the existing Tile Depot and Harp Windows showrooms and replace them with 9 residential units and a ground floor retail space.


9 comments on “Planning Application

  1. Andrew Head
    29 July 2015

    I think the tile depot is moving to the old GTR Roberts factory next to the Railway arms

  2. Gary Hays
    31 July 2015

    Hi , I spoke to the Tile Depot head office yesterday (Thursday), they have told me they intend to oppose this development, and wish to continue operating from the said premises

  3. Andrew Head
    3 August 2015

    Presumably Tile depot can only stop it if they own the freehold or have such a long lease it would be too expensive to buy them out.

  4. Gary Hays
    4 August 2015

    Hi, I believe if enough people object to this, the development will not go ahead, there are a few crucial points. The flats will house 26 people, there is parking available for 6 cars, the retail unit appears to have no parking, so the additional
    cars will park in the Village. The second parking issue is that a number of local residents park in the Showroom car parks in the evening, once again these would then have to park in the Village.
    Customers that use the Barbers in Aldenham Rd frequently park in the Showroom car park, this development would also have an impact on another local business.
    As regard the development itself, the height will put all properties to the rear of it in the shade, there would also be a privacy issue as the balconies and windows to the rear will look into neighbouring gardens and windows. The front elevation will also look into the houses opposite.
    It has become apparent since the Aldenham Rd development that we now have flooding issues in the area, this has not been addressed by the Council and further development can only make the matter worse.
    Please lodge your appeals we only have until the 10th of August

  5. Andrew Head
    4 August 2015

    I would also add that the potential loss of business units needs to be considered, and the potential (without scare mongering) of the loss of local jobs; If the businesses cannot find alternative locations to operate from. The loss of business units would be a strong reason to object. The flooding thing is not a possible objection as all of the proposed site is fully built on with a hard concrete surface between the buildings that throws water into the highway. Also the lack of business parking for customers would not be very strong objection as there is a free car park nearby for casual visitors. But it is worth mentioning as you need to throw every potential reason into the pot. With 9 flats at a probable resale value in excess of £3.6 million, i doubt any owner of the site with the ability to proceed will be easily persuaded to back down.

  6. Jane Parker
    4 August 2015

    I would have thought that most of the Attenborough Court/ Owen Square development should have previously had a hard concrete surface too as there was a garage and other buildings there. It didn’t help did it? In any case that whole development was badly designed anyway – such peculiar shaped rooms among other things. What is the guarantee that this proposal would be any better?

  7. Jane Parker
    5 August 2015

    I also meant to say that the ‘free car park nearby for casual visitors’ which Andrew Head mentions is usually filled up with commuters who are there for the whole day. I’ve never found a parking space there when I need it. I believe Oxhey residents are currently asking for signatures on a petition to get the car park made short stay only.

  8. Andrew Head
    5 August 2015

    As Jane says it may be only an option to question/challenge the design rather than the principle of redevelopment. A rebuild should have to show how it would deal with rain run off – i had to when putting in off street parking at home. So actually redevelopment will be argued by the proposer as having a positive effect on flooding. From memory the original design for Attenborough Court/Owen square was changed to accommodate the comments from Oxhey residents/OVEG and local Cllrs, Who did not like the more contemporary curved building. So its possibly to challenge design, but no guarantee if you succeed you will get a better outcome. The old garage service road, was a torrent during heavy rain, but at least it took the water down the hill to a storm drain.

  9. Gary Hays
    6 August 2015

    Another issue with the design , is the problem on leaving and entering the proposed car park, as it is between 2 walls, therefore the front of a car would be across the pavement before you can see if any pedestrians or cars are approaching. Should a car pull into the parking area and it be full, you would then need to reverse out across the pavement into on coming traffic with a very limited vision.


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