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HSBC Bank To Close

HSBC Oxhey

3 comments on “HSBC Bank To Close

  1. vivien buckley
    14 September 2015

    bad news about the Bank. Many elderly local folk who can manage to walk to this Branch will now have to get a taxi as they are unable to use the bus service into Watford.

  2. Trina Mansfield
    14 September 2015

    Heard this morning the shop next door to the bank is hoping to install an ATM.

    Trina Mansfield
    Office Manager

    D: +44 (0) 20 7614 4780
    M: +44 (0) 7881 656 254

    Bury House, 31 Bury Street, London EC3A 5AR

  3. Andrew Head
    14 September 2015

    HSBC have relocated the ATM in the existing building. A normal tactic where they own the freehold. In effect they will sell the building for redevelopment, but retain the freehold of the footprint of the ATM. This way they guarantee to keep a profitable ATM in any new building. What are the chances of the bank?shop/Chip shop all being comprehensively redeveloped? I am certain the bank owns the access and car parking at the rear too.


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