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Bucks Meadow Development

As you are probably aware, a proposal is being formed to develop 34 homes on the green belt site of the Bucks Meadow Riding school. For those who don’t know this location it is at the corner of Bucks Avenue and Sherwoods Road backing on to Elm Avenue, Talbot Avenue, Lowson Grove and Attenborough’s Fields.

We believe that the current site is too large for our community, and is out of character with the surrounding area. We believe that the scale of this development will significantly exacerbate the traffic hazard, congestion, pollution and parking issues in and around our area and will cause additional strain on our already stretched local resources; our schools and doctors surgeries and our busy trains.

Furthermore and perhaps of most concern, this development will be building on and significantly impacting the openness of our Green Belt land affecting our enjoyment of it as well as the wildlife within it.

OVEG and local residents have suggested a smaller development which we believe can be just as financially viable whilst not being hugely detrimental to our area and setting a concerning precedent for building on Green Belt land. The developers behind this proposal are seemingly uninterested in our suggestions in this regard.

We believe that they are going to press ahead with their huge development and are shortly going to submit their planning application.

We would like to fight this but we suspect this will be costly. We know from similar battles, local groups have spent thousands on defending their community’s interest but the good news is that they can win. We intend to win.

We’re asking for local people to come together to pledge a contribution that may be used to fund planning and traffic consultants, legal advice and if necessary court costs. To kick start this campaign OVEG have pledged £1000.

OVEG have a successful track history of coordinating this sort of activity but have never before fought against this scale of Green Belt development. We’re prepared for the fight but are asking for people to give what ever they can afford to assist.

You can make your donation online at www.gofundme.com/bucksmeadow
If you don’t have internet access or would rather make a donation by cash or cheque please contact Kim on 07775 844244 for futher information.

Thank you

Ben Atkins on behalf of the OVEG committee

5 comments on “Bucks Meadow Development

  1. Jane Hopkins
    30 September 2015

    I am not ‘pro’ development in general,but this plan to develop x 1 hectare of land out 11 hectares seems very reasonable.The land to be built on is BROWN FIELD land,not green belt,and the green belt land is as safe as any green belt can be.

    Secondly,the traffic problem is here already in Oxhey.Having a development of approx 34 units will not make much difference.Everyone who lives in Oxhey needs to look at how they use cars,what alternatives they could use,car ownership etc.We ,the current inhabitants of Oxhey village have created the traffic problem ourselves.With more adult children living at home nowadays,and owning a car,it is common for homes to have 2-4 vehicles each.This situation is not sustainable.
    I feel that OVEG would put their money to better use by creating a ‘traffic plan’ for Oxhey village.This would involve less car journeys,fewer owned cars,and use of a car hire scheme such as Zip cars.It works elsewhere,why not here?

    We need more housing,and this development promises some ‘affordable’ housing,which will be very welcome.
    It also proposes that the general public get to use the surrounding green belt land for recreational purposes.How nice it would be not to have to slip through the muddy Attenborough’s fields to get to the greenway,but to have use of a path through the development.
    Please can someone in OVEG tell me what the ‘alternative development’ is that they favour.Is it 30 houses,or 3 houses? My understanding is that if there are less than 16 houses , there will be no requirement for any ‘affordable housing,which would be a great shame.
    If OVEG do manage to block this development,it will only be for a short time.Eventually it will be developed.There is a possibility that the law concerning protection of green belt will change in the future,and we could end up with a far larger development at a later date.
    I would like to see support for the sustainable development of this site which would include some ‘affordable housing’ and perhaps some sheltered flats or homes for the elderly,along with a campaign to ensure that the remaining green belt is protected from further development.
    OVEG,please do not make the disingenuous oneliner of,’Save our Greenbelt’.the ‘greenbelt’ is not under threat.
    Jane Hopkins

  2. Jane Hopkins
    1 October 2015

    I stand corrected ,as have been informed that the land on which the stables buildings are sited,is in theory still greenbelt.However,for development purposes may be looked upon as brownfield.
    I would still like to know what kind of development OVEG favours.
    Jane Hopkins

  3. Chris Roberts
    2 October 2015

    I was surprised that OVEG have pledged £1000 of our money to fight this development, without finding out what members think. I would like OVEG to think again, and work with the developers, rather than take a “nimby” stance. To my mind, 34 houses is not huge, the development will be on sites already built on and community use of the green space is included. Sounds good to me and we desperately need affordable housing. I wonder how OVEG would describe the character of Oxhey Village? Much of our community is tightly packed streets of terraced houses, and we love it!

    • P Carter
      30 July 2016

      I agree totally with this comment

  4. P Carter
    30 July 2016

    As I have previously stated the OVEG opposing all attempts at providing more housing makes them look like NIMBY’s.
    The houses in the OVEG area were all built on green fields and to stop further development of very poor land is just plain selfishness.
    Let’s look to the future with new young families living on the derelict Bucks Meadow site.


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