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Attenborough’s Fields Horses

An update on the recent incident with one of the Attenborough’s Fields mares having difficulty giving birth…

Following an RSPCA investigation the case officer agreed that it was definitely a case of animal cruelty to leave the mare suffering, once aware of it, but unfortunately she could not start a prosecution as she could not identify the person who moved the horses up to the top field to get the mare out of sight yet did not call a vet. She did question various people who all denied being there and, of course, a prosecution has to be launched against an individual so she was unable to take it any further. She thanked those that had reported the incident but if there is a next time, needs to have the individual’s name to have a chance of successful legal action against the owner.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the horses please contact their owner, Susan Jordan on 01895 822693, or Herts County Council on 01992 556238.

2 comments on “Attenborough’s Fields Horses

  1. sallymorris
    7 October 2015

    That’s appalling.  Surely the owner of the horses is responsible for their care and welfare and clearly that person is known. 

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  2. Wyler Jason (@WylerJason)
    9 October 2015

    Who do these horses belong to? Why do they leave them there?
    The youths that seem to hang out there and the gates to the fields worry me too.


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This entry was posted on 7 October 2015 by in All News, Local News.