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Bucks Meadow Update

Following the public meeting with Clovercourt on Tuesday 1st September OVEG, in conjunction with local councillors, submitted a counter proposal that would have substantially reduced the size of their development. This proposal was felt to be more in keeping with the area, have less impact on the openness of the greenbelt, creating less traffic movements and parking issues and more acceptable to our residents.

Despite the developers assurances they appear in reality to have taken very little notice of the residents concerns. An open letter from Clovercourt attempts to address the issues raised, see below. The development is in fact the one that was proposed in August, with few real changes made.

Clovercourt have now submitted an application to Hertsmere Borough Council and Watford Borough Council for planning permission to build 34 flats and houses on the Bucks Meadow Equestrian Centre. Our objections remain the same – the design, mass, scale and density of the development is totally out of character with the surrounding area and will impact severely on the openness of the Green Belt. The apartment blocks and houses will be higher than the current stables, stalls and workshop. The additional traffic generated will cause a significant increase in congestion, parking and road safety, particularly surrounding the vehicle access point.

Using funds raised by your donations we have engaged an experienced Planning Solicitor, who has successfully fought similar developments, to formally oppose Clovercourts planning application. We have also engaged the services of an independent Transport Consultant to look at the implications of such a development on the traffic, local access, parking and safety of residents – their report will also be presented to Watford BC, Hertsmere BC and Herts County Highways for their consideration. Herts County Highways Dept have said that they have no objection “in principle” to the development on highways grounds based on Clovercourts report, but they are reserving judgment until all representations have been made and they have carried out their own survey once the planning application has been received.

Over the past few weeks we have collected around 250 signatures petitioning against this development on general traffic and access concerns. This petition will also be presented at both WBC and HBC planning committee meetings. Please contact Kim Baxter on 07775 844244 if you would like to sign this petition.

Once planning is available to view we will, as individuals, have three weeks to register any objections to the application. It is important that as many objections as possible are registered as this has proved in the past to be an important factor in influencing councils in their decision making process. Objections should be lodged with both Hertsmere and Watford Councils. Your objections should contain information detailing how this development will affect you and your household, together with concerns pertaining to:

1] Traffic congestion and parking concerns
2] Highway and road safety
3] Access including junction design
4] Loss of privacy and outlook
5] Impact on and protection of the Green Belt

Objections cannot be registered until a case number is assigned by the borough council. We will update you with the relevant details and the methods you can use once we have all the information to hand so that you do not miss this important opportunity to make your objections known before a decision is made.

Many thanks

Kim and Richard (OVEG Committee)

If you wish to contribute funds to oppose the overdevelopment please visit: www.gofundme.com/bucksmeadow







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This entry was posted on 29 October 2015 by in All News, Planning News.