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Bushey Arches Parking Consultation

Business owners say parking in Bushey Arches is “horrendous” and are campaigning for restrictions to be put in place…


Click on the link below to downland the consultation questionnaire. These need to be returned by 6th November either by emailing it to jennifer.yeboah@watford.gov.uk or posting completed forms to Jennifer Yeboah, Bushey Arches Car Park Consultation, Town Hall, Watford, WD17 3EX.



One comment on “Bushey Arches Parking Consultation

  1. Douglas McQuaid
    2 November 2015

    I am all for supporting local businesses. One big advantage of buying local is that we can walk there and avoid adding to congestion, pollution etc. I will walk down to Costcutter, for example, and I am sure many people coming off the trains also use them. It is clear that these local businesses expect to get more custom and profit from people who feel the need to drive to them – by inference people who are not that local, or they could walk. I am not against businesses making a profit, but the result of this plan would be to force those of us who live in the Village to suffer even more parking misery.

    Has there been any analysis of how many cars actually park up on the kerb?There are, I think, short term spaces outside Bodicraft and the restaurants. There is no safe way for customers of LJ’s or Costcutter to walk up from the car park except by making two crossings of a busy road anyway.

    So, for the sake of the convenience of a few (maybe not that local) shoppers wanting to drive and park for a few minutes those of us who live here will have commuters’ cars parked all day on our streets, with the added road dangers this will introduce.

    I have completed an objecting questionnaire (not as OVEG but in my own name).


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