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Bucks Meadow Planning Update

Hertsmere and Watford Borough Councils have now received Clovercourt’s planning application for the development of 34 flats and houses on the green belt land of Bucks Meadow Equestrian Centre. Using donated funds, OVEG have employed the services of a planning lawyer and traffic consultant to object to this development based on a number of residents’ concerns, e.g. that the size of the dwellings proposed are significantly higher than the indoor riding school, converted pig styes and stables, which represents an unacceptable over development of green belt land.

All residents of Watford and Hertsmere, wherever they live, have the right to register their objections/comments regarding Clovercourt’s proposals – these must be received either by letter, email, or recorded on their websites by 24th November. Objections should be lodged with both Hertsmere and Watford Borough Councils. Both councils have posted the application on their respective websites where objections and comments can now be registered and we encourage all residents to make their feelings known. The planning applications can be found here…

HERTSMERE (application number 15/1895/FUL)

WATFORD (application number 15/01542/FUL)

Because of where the boundary lies between WBC and HBC particular reference should be made concerning any access, parking and traffic concerns to Watford BC.

Our planning lawyer has advised us that it is important that your objections detail how this development would affect you and members of your household personally. For example if your garden backs onto the development site or you live near to it you should mention your loss of privacy, general outlook and noise. If your children suffer from asthma or you or any of the household suffer from a disability, detail the effect the increased traffic, noise or pollution will have on their quality of life etc. Other areas relating directly to planning policy that may affect you and could be mentioned are:

1] Traffic congestion and parking concerns that will make life more difficult in the surrounding area
2] Highway and road safety – the increase in traffic will put residents, children and the elderly at risk
3] The proposed access design will cause unacceptable risks to local residents and pedestrians
4] Loss of privacy, daylight and the effect on the character and appearance of the neighbourhood
5] The appearance, bulk, mass and height of the proposed development are unacceptable
5] Impact on wildlife, the adverse affect on the openess of the green belt both now and in the future

Please make the effort to lodge all of your concerns as it is important that as many objections as possible are registered, as this has proved in the past to be an important factor in influencing councils in their decision making process. If you need any advice or help in this process please feel free to phone Kim (07775 844244) or Richard (01923 461446).

If you wish to make a donation to our fund to stop the overdevelopment of Bucks Meadow you can do so at www.gofundme.com/bucksmeadow


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This entry was posted on 8 November 2015 by in All News, Planning News.