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Should Bushey Station be Rezoned?

Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden has called for Bushey station to be rezoned to reduce ticket prices…


4 comments on “Should Bushey Station be Rezoned?

  1. Mandy
    5 December 2015

    Good news !! Please support!

  2. nick edgeworth
    8 December 2015

    It must only be re-zoned in conjunction with establishing residents’ parking in and around the roads near the station. Every weekday morning our streets are used as a free car park for commuters from as far away as Hemel Hempstead wanting to use the station causing absolute chaos for local residents. To re-zone without addressing the parking problem would add to the problem. Even if the restriction was for an hour between 11am and 12 midday it would solve the problem. At the moment the unrestricted parking makes life unbearable for the elderly, young families with children and for any resident wanting a delivery.

  3. Andrew Head
    15 December 2015

    Of course he has, all his constituents from Radlett, Aldenham, Elstree, etc can save money by driving to Oxhey rather than walking to their local stations. Instead of rezoning (which of course wont happen because of the impact on ticket revenue across a wide area), lets get a petition up to have the station renamed Oxhey.

  4. Gerry
    20 December 2015

    Absolutely support the rezoning of Bushey. It is expensive enough just to try and buy/rent a house this close to London so what I don’t understand is why Hatch End and Harrow and Wealdstone stations which are closer to London are so much cheaper!.


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