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Oxhey Village Advent Calendar

Oxhey Village turns into three Advent Calendars this year!

Each day in December, leading up to Christmas Day, a decorated window featuring an advent number will appear in house windows in Oxhey Village – just like an Advent Calendar.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part his this year’s Oxhey Village Street Advent Calendar.

Due to high demand this year we have three Calendars for you to follow. You can now find the advent calendar numbers appearing on the following three routes.

  • Cross Road and Hayden Rd
  • Grover Road and Oxhey Ave
  • Lower Paddock, Upper Paddock, King Edward Rd, Capel Rd, Willcot Ave and Talbot Ave

A poster and map will follow shortly! Finding the numbers is always a good way to walk off that Christmas Dinner.

Hope you all enjoy taking part and finding the numbers. Donations from those taking part are being given to the Scout Hall Fund. Please let us know if you would like to take part next year.

Ayan Lowe, Ruth Sherwood, Julie Ghai and Sue Bennett


3 comments on “Oxhey Village Advent Calendar

    7 December 2015

    Sorry I dont understand this. Which windows will have an advent calender in them??????

    • OVEG
      7 December 2015

      Hi Adele, it’s not an OVEG event so I can’t tell you I’m afraid. There’s a map on it’s way apparently, once we know where you can get hold of it we’ll let you know via the news feed…

  2. Jane Hopkins
    7 December 2015

    I think its a wonderful idea,and would love to take part next year please!
    I have admired them on my evening dog walk for several years now,and am itching to have a go.


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