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Bus Routes 142 & 258 Under Threat

Routes 142 – Watford Junction to Brent Cross – and 258 – Watford Junction to South Harrow – could stop if Hertfordshire County Council’s budget proposals for 2016 are passed.


11 comments on “Bus Routes 142 & 258 Under Threat

  1. carey@keates
    3 January 2016

    Closure of these two very popular routes would be madness. They are both extremely well-used routes, one to Edgware and Stanmore, the other to Harrow. Apparently the proposal to close them is because TfL, which runs the buses, demands a high subsidy payment from Herts CC for doing so. Instead of either negotiating a more sensible subsidy, or using Herts buses to run the route (would TfL pay HCC a subsidy for running Herts buses into Tfl territory?) they just want to take the lazy option and just cut the service. Email your County Councillors today!

  2. Christopher Jordan
    4 January 2016

    As a regular user of the 142 from Bushey Heath to Stanmore station i am appalled that this heavily used service by many commuters, students and children is at risk.

  3. Paul Sherwood
    4 January 2016

    For anyone who wants to make a comment – our county councillor is Stephen Giles-Medhurst. According to Herts CC website, his email is sgm@cix.co.uk

    • OVEG
      4 January 2016

      Thanks Paul. We have already been in contact with Stephen who is looking into the matter as we speak. No decision has yet been made by HCC and once we have more ‘concrete’ information about what their plans are we will publish it on our website/facebook/twitter…

  4. Christine & Donald Morton
    4 January 2016

    The news is devastating to us. We depend on the buses for travel to Watford shops and the hospital (especially the hospital!), Bushey shops, Stanmore, Edgware & Harrow. We are aged 80 (in a few months) and 74 and gave up our car some time ago in favour of public transport.

    There has been a transport service along this route since the earliest days of the Stagecoach and horses from Watford Town Centre to London. The very popular 142 itself has been running for over 100 years.

    What a backward and anti-social step this would be. Careful thought needs to be given. There might be merit in terminating one route at the Alpine, Bushey Heath and continuing with the other route from the Alpine to Watford Junction. Another alternative is that we buy another vehicle and add to the problem of on road parking in Cross Road where we live – very ‘ungreen’.

    Christine and Donald Morton

  5. Carol Brown
    6 January 2016

    What would we do without these routes. They are used every day and are always full. What would replace them ?

    • Christine & Donald Morton
      6 January 2016

      We so agree with Carol Brown

  6. Geoff Wright
    21 January 2016

    I have used the 258 service for over twenty years to travel from Harrow to Bushey on a regular basis and continue to do so. This service provides a lifeline to so many users that it would be nonsense to discontinue it and would undoubtedly have a catastrophic affect on many shop and restaurant owners – particularly in Bushey. Can you please advise mw how and where I can sign a petition to lobby against these proposals?
    Thank you….Geoff Wright

  7. Tatyana
    23 January 2016

    I’m a regular user of 142 and 258 buses for more than 12 years to go to work. They are always full, but on time and very convenient.The news is devastating and hope more people will reply in support of not stopping them

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