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Bus Petitions

Following the news that the 142 & 258 bus routes are under threat, a couple of petitions have been started…

via Watford Lib Dems: http://www.watfordlibdems.org/saveourbuses2016

via Watford Labour: http://www.watfordlabour.org.uk/bus-cuts-petition.html

Save the 142 & 258

One comment on “Bus Petitions

  1. Audrey Brotherson
    10 February 2016

    Dear/Si/Madam I am a regular user of the 142 bus which has proven vital to my everyday travel to my Church. I have been using the 142 bus for many years and have been very happy with the services received. The buses are punctual, timely and useful as it links Watford to the routes onward to Brent Cross. i am very disappointed to learn of he imminent cuts and am pleading with the Councillors NO to cut the services. Many people board this service from watford and I use it fve times a week to get to my destination and back. School children use it to get to school, families us the service to get to work. I am pleading with you kindly do nto cut this service Thank you


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This entry was posted on 5 January 2016 by in All News, Local News.