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Braziers Dairy

Site of longstanding local dairy for sale…


It has been suggested that The Woodland Trust could purchase the plot and incorporate it into their existing adjacent site. If you’d like to contact them to suggest the idea you can do so here.

Read some memories of Braziers Dairy here

5 comments on “Braziers Dairy

  1. Richard O'Keefe
    23 January 2016

    Its very important that this site remains green.
    Please contact the woodland trust and urge them to incorperate this land with the existing Merryhill Site

    • richardokeefe@hotmail.co.uk
      2 February 2016

      I have received this reply from the woodland trust.
      I am writing to you to thank you for bringing to our attention the sale of the farmland known as Carpenders Park Farm or Braziers Dairy, which adjoins our site at Merry Hill.

      Following many enquiries from the general public, the Woodland Trust has considered the proposal to purchase some of the farmland that has come up for sale adjacent to its site at Merry Hill in Hertfordshire. Unfortunately due to the high asking price of the land the Woodland Trust is not able to put in an offer for any of the lots. However if the local community were interested in purchasing the land and gifting it to Woodland Trust to manage, Woodland Trust would be able to accept this gift, providing that the land could be fully planted as a woodland and not kept as open space.

      Kind regards

      Joanne Wyles MRICS FAAV

      Land and Property Manager

  2. OVEG
    10 February 2016

    A response from our local Oxhey Councillors…

    We have been contacted by a couple of residents about a possible development in Carpenders Park at Braziers Farm. I thought you’d like to know that we have contacted Three Rivers to find out their position. A senior councillor there has told us, “The land is Green Belt and is not proposed for any form of development within the Local Plan. The buildings on the land are agricultural and therefore would require a full planning application to develop. In addition, we do not believe the farm buildings are capable of conversion. Three Rivers currently has almost ten years supply of housing land available. Therefore regardless of the application, we are confident that we can resist any future application.”

  3. P Carter
    20 August 2016

    I am pleased to see that the site is now to be used for a new school as the area desperately needs more places for the growing numbers.
    The farm has been idle for a number of years and this takes away a site of vandalism.
    I wish the new owners get on with the work.

  4. P Carter
    22 August 2016

    It is good to hear that the land formerly used by Braziers Dairy will serve as useful purpose once more. The area needs more school places and this would make an ideal site for the next generation to enjoy new facilities.No doubt the local NIMBY groups will be shocked and want to object.


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