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News Update

A café for Oxhey Park?

As people will be aware, an area in the north of Oxhey Park is currently being used as the site compound for the contractors working on the new road to Watford General Hospital. The works are running to schedule and the road should be completed by the autumn. The contractors will then leave the site in early 2017.

Given this, the council feels it is a good time to consider the future use of this area of the park and to see if there is potential to use it to provide additional facilities and activities for the community. A number of suggestions have come forward including facilities such as a café and public toilets as well as additional sporting and leisure activities such as cycling, BMX and skateboarding.

Oxhey’s councillors and Watford Council are keen to work with the local community to see what could be achieved in this part of the park. If you are interested in being part of the engagement please contact Kathryn Robson at Watford Borough Council on kathryn.robson@watford.gov.uk. There will be a meeting with residents in the next few weeks to discuss the options and your councillors will let you know when this is confirmed.

Our local councillors are keen to know what you think about these suggestions and your thoughts on other issues relating to Oxhey’s parks and green spaces. They have put together a short survey and would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this.

Free Cashpoint at Bushey Station

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition calling for a free cash point at Bushey railway station. Over 1,000 signatures have been collected in local shops, cafes and pubs and almost 400 people have signed this online. Cllrs Peter Taylor and Shirena Counter have met with a representative from TfL at Bushey station to discuss this and they appear sympathetic. Discussions are ongoing and we will let you know when they make their final decision.

Council car park at Bushey Arches

Last year the council consulted on changing the parking arrangements at the car park opposite Bushey station next to Bushey Arches. This was in response to a petition from a number of local businesses and concern that cars from one business were often stored in the car park for long periods of time. The proposal was to introduce 2 hour free parking bays and some residents’ parking. 50% of respondents voted in favour of this change, 32% were in favour but had some reservations and 18% were opposed.

The council is now undertaking a statutory consultation which involves an advert in the local paper. You can find out more by downloading the letter and map below.

Download letter here (Word doc)       View car park plan here

Community Fund

Each year your ward councillors are able to allocate small amounts of money to local projects. In recent years they have used this to pay for things such as replacement street trees, bird boxes in Oxhey Park and for the insurance for community events.

They have some of this year’s money remaining. If you can think of something that would help our community please contact Peter Taylor (taylorpc@hotmail.co.uk) with your idea. They are not able to fund projects that will result in an ongoing cost to the council.

Save the 258 and 142 Buses

Hertfordshire County Council are planning to end the £390,000 they pay Transport for London to support the 142, 258, and 3 other services that connect Hertfordshire to London. Over 2,200 people have signed an online petition and hundred mores have filled in paper versions.

The Watford Observer reported this week that TfL have pleaded with Hertfordshire County Council to reconsider their decision to cut their funding.

You can sign the petitions here.

Source: Oxhey Opinion


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