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142 & 258 Bus Update

Despite a petition signed by more than 2,000 members of the public, Hertfordshire County Council has decided to cut the subsidy to the bus services.

The 142 and 258 bus routes are both scheduled to be axed following the cuts to Transport for London (TfL) funding from both the government and Hertfordshire…


3 comments on “142 & 258 Bus Update

  1. Janice
    26 February 2016

    This is disgusting. I have met people on the bus who have no idea what is going on. I am sure that there will be an outcry. Not just the elderly and students but everyone who catches a bus to the stations to get to work. Not everyone has a car!!

  2. Vivienne Bbuckley
    26 February 2016

    Surely it means less buses not no buses at all on 142 and 158 routes…..

  3. Janice
    27 February 2016

    Perhaps the Council and TFL are locking horns until one backs down – hopefully


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This entry was posted on 25 February 2016 by in All News, Local News.