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Bus Routes 142 & 258 Update

OVEG have received encouraging news regarding bus routes 142 & 258. Watford’s MP Richard Harrington has told our Village Liaison Officer, Douglas McQuaid…

“I know how important both of these routes are for so many people locally. Many people use these two bus routes to get to work and school and so I want to clarify first of all that neither of these routes will be cancelled. I’m afraid that there has been some scaremongering at play here and so I wanted to let you know straight away that there is absolutely no danger of these two routes being cut.”

“Just to be clear, I have actually spoken to Hertfordshire County Council again this morning and there is absolutely no danger of our cross border services being cut. I have had it confirmed to me on numerous occasions that these services will be maintained and so I’m just disappointed that this scaremongering is continuing.”

“In addition to this, Cllr Derrick Ashley has said: “we have informed TfL that we are withdrawing our support and they have informed us that they have no plans to make any changes to any routes between London and Hertfordshire.”

You can read Richard’s emails in their entirety here.

The bus routes were due to be debated at HCC’s Environment and Transport Panel yesterday. As soon as we have any further information we’ll let you know…

2 comments on “Bus Routes 142 & 258 Update

  1. Pam Ghelani
    9 March 2016

    I understand that the only organisation that can accurately inform the local community about possible changes to bus services 142, 258 is TFL as they operate these services. Understandably it is unlikely that decisions will be made on these services until after the new Mayor of London is in post.

  2. Mike Jackson
    9 March 2016

    Councillor Ashley neglected to mention that Transport for London (TFL) wrote him pleading with him to reinstate the Hertfordshire support, saying that the loss of this subsidy is ‘significant’ and saying that it was the County Council’s ‘duty to make a fair financial contribution towards these (bus) services’. TFL also pointed out that with a new London Mayor in May and the removal of all central government support for bus services by 2019, these services would have to be reviewed.
    I presented a petition to the Council meeting on 23rd February signed by 2,634 local people calling on the Council to reinstate the financial support. This was dismissed by Councillor Ashley saying that people had been ‘misled’; an allegation he has made against the media as well.
    But it is Councillor Ashley who is misleading people by saying that there is no consequence of these cuts and that there is no threat to the services. Indeed he was inadvertently contradicted by a Conservative colleague who admitted that this might result in reduced frequency of the 142 route and if so that would be “no bad thing”
    Read more here http://www.watfordlabour.org.uk/bus-cuts-petition.html


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