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Proposed Oxhey Park Development

You can now view the concept plans for a proposal to develop Oxhey Park North…


You can also have your say by completing a survey here

Oxhey Park North.png

33 comments on “Proposed Oxhey Park Development

  1. Melanie Silver
    17 March 2016

    Where do they propose all the dog walkers who currently use the field for training go?

  2. Gary Cole
    17 March 2016

    The plans look good but very over-developed. I currently use this area to exercise my dog but the plans seem to me to be anti-dog, as if dog owners will not be welcome. I think some of this proposed development, perhaps the BMX area, should be scaled back so that there is an area of ordinary field for dogs to run in.

  3. Melanie Silver
    17 March 2016

    Dog walkers – the most regular users of the field – appear to have been completely ignored in plans for this site. The council needs to make the skate park fantastic to tempt users away from their current town centre site and free it up for housing.

  4. Toni Hambleton
    17 March 2016

    These plans look fantastic. I think all these facilities will be a great asset to the local community and all of the families in the area.

  5. Debs
    17 March 2016

    Looks great!

  6. Rob Marsh
    17 March 2016

    Leave it alone it is perfect already why spoil
    What’s is a lovely part of history we don’t want any more congestion or any more people
    To busy already!!!!!!!!

  7. ajbelloni
    17 March 2016

    We has a skate park a few hundred yards away from Oxhey Park not that old but full of graffiti and broken glass, similar quiet area to the North Side of Oxhey Park and a great deal was recently spent removing it, regarding Riverside Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill said: “We were keen to make this area more suitable for children of all ages – we took away a few things like the pod, and derelict skate park, that had been attracting anti-social behaviour.”

  8. Stephanie Chisholm
    17 March 2016

    This seems very narrow in scope. A skate park only caters for a very limited cross section of the community, whereas green space, particularly if nicely landscaped is accessible to everyone.

  9. Jennifer McStravick
    17 March 2016

    I have a dog and a young child, why do park developers always forget that a lot of people do!??? I can walk my dog and not be with my child or leave my dog somewhere? where?

    • Rob Whalley
      23 October 2017

      We need more support as the objections out way the supporting. Please register on line and stop this planning application going through automatically without a public meeting.

      You don’t need to leave any comments.


      Application number 17/01399/FUL

  10. joe
    17 March 2016

    Looks great! Kids need more to do outside and this is a good area to develop. There’s still the other side of the park for dog walking and the playground for younger children.

  11. Frances walshe
    18 March 2016

    As a dog walker I would like to see it left as it is, but if not as stated before a skate park will only attract problems it did in Oxhey and also Harrow. The plan also seems to waste a lot of area and the new road looks very dramatic .

  12. Debbie Hicks
    18 March 2016

    I agree with the above comments. This is a small area that a lot catering for just one aspect is being developed for and for which I don’t think there is the need for.
    The Edbury Way is a perfect cycle existing close by why would you need to come to a small park.
    The skate park close by was removed because like this one it is off the beaten track and became an area that attracted ASB- what waste money removing that one just to replace it with another. This area is prone to flooding and access to it is limited. There will be no parking in the area so this will impact on the local roads which are already over congested.
    Who will police this area as it is off the beaten track and from what I can see will increase ASB with drug users, drinkers and the like who will have the cafe area after dark to sit on. The area already attracts drug users who I regularly disturb when I walk through. This will now give them somewhere to sit and hide away from the police.
    Already a large area of green space has been lost to this road impacting on the use of the area for football and rugby.
    This area is also used by fisherman and no consideration has been given to them with decking areas onto the river.

    Most important of all is there has been no consideration for dog walkers. This area is invaluable as it was fenced in allowing safe dog walking. Why can’t the area be developed back to Green Belt – replant trees to replace those removed under the new road. If the area needs this skate park and BMX track put it up on the top near Eastbury Road where there is easy access and in sight of etc which will prevent the ASB aspect.

  13. Matt
    19 March 2016

    So much negativity, especially over on Facebook; graffiti, vandalism, drug abuse, anti social behaviour!

    How about focusing on some of the positives; purpose built cycling tracks, the bike hub, the community cafe. Facilities like these are few and far between and we should grasp the opportunity to have them on our doorstep.

    The proposed development will rejuvenate an area of Oxhey that in the past has been neglected and under used, giving all of us, especially our young people, an opportunity to get outdoors and involved in something that’s healthy, social, active, and within walking distance of home.

    As for dog walking, what’s wrong with the large open space that is Oxhey Park South, just over the footbridge?

    • Catherine I
      5 June 2016

      Well said, I’m shocked at the negative responses. :(

  14. Rob Whalley
    20 March 2016

    Why can’t the cycle hub remain where they are already on the Holywell playing fields. They can build a skatepark with a new bmx track funded by the sale of the existing skatepark. Watford borough council have a sports facility there & it’s near the Ebury way.

    Let’s have a cafe with toilets, car park for the disabled with a stopping point for passing through cyclists. Also tennis courts & some open areas with trees shrubbery & just grass.

    This is a small park compared to Cassiobury, Woodside, & the Hollywell only about a 1/3 of the size. The grassed area will reduce by another 1/3 it just doesn’t make sense remember 600+ flats/houses are being built across the road these will be 1-2 bedroom flats with no gardens or very small ones where will all these people be able too go we need more green space not less !!!!

    There’s not any negativity here or on Facebook we are just being realistic. We wouldn’t want this on our green or at the back of Watford Heath.

    We should all be able enjoy this area not just a selected group.

    • Melanie Silver
      21 March 2016

      Agree entirely. Green space is something to be prized,not concreted over. And it’s space that can be enjoyed by many (not only dog walkers), as opposed to skateboarding/BMX biking, which is for the few.

  15. Chris Hardy
    23 March 2016

    As night follows day graffiti, vandalism, drug abuse, criminality and anti social behaviour follow skateboard parks and bmx tracks. You need look no further than Riverside just across Wiggenhall Road for examples of all the above activities. The problem became so bad the skate park had to be demolished at great expense. If you want to give young people an opportunity to get involved in in something that’s healthy, social, active, and within walking distance of home why not put in some five-a-side football pitches and reinstate the tennis courts.

  16. I think most of this proposed plan is wrong on so many levels. The only things I think the park could benefit with is a cafe and somewhere to park. As has been mentioned by many others, the scheme is going to totally cover the whole of the north part of the park and for people to suggest everyone with a dog should use the top end of the park, perhaps if they realised how close to a very busy road that part of the park is they might think again. The whole park is really not large enough for this development and I do hope the council thinks again on this.

  17. morrisarj
    23 March 2016

    While there is always a need for recreational areas for local youth, I don’t believe this tiny, peaceful riverside park is at all appropriate. This precious piece of green parkland, already depleted by the new service road, should be dedicated to people of all ages who simply want to stroll, picnic, fish, walk dogs or just sit and relax and enjoy nature. The current plans leave no hope of such peacefulness on either side of the river.

  18. Dave Grove
    30 March 2016

    These plans have totally blown me away. As an ex young person I would have loved to have seen something like this built in my day.

    • Rob Whalley
      30 March 2016

      Yes every park should have them. Let’s campaign to have them on Oxhey Green & Watford Heath as well instead ……you would change your tune then !!!!!

  19. Julie Parker
    7 April 2016

    This skate park is badly needed for all the young people to go to + BMX track is most welcomed there are plenty of places for dogs to be walked let the children have something. Fantastic thought has gone into this for young people e.g from 7 years upwards.

    • Chris Hardy
      7 April 2016

      Oxhey Park is already one of the smallest parks in the area We have already lost some of it to the new access road We cannot afford to have any more of the green space concreted over for a specialised activity for a minority. Especially when it has already been proved that these activities encourage anti-social behaviour, drug-taking and associated forms of criminality.

  20. Spencer
    18 April 2016

    This sounds a great idea. Whilst I realise it will affect some of those used to using the space for dog walking, this scheme reflects a major investment for the wider community to use.

  21. chrisb
    5 June 2016

    There has already been an access road built right across the park, this development cannot proceed it takes valuable green space away. The local skatepark was also closed due to attracting anti social behaviour so the safety of the park is at risk. The skatepark should be located away from residential areas and a 100 year old green park.

  22. Park side Five
    5 June 2016

    All local residents are against this corporate development. The last skatepark was closed down due to drug taking and criminal behaviour. There has also been an access road built straight through recently so the council is ruining the whole park for the locals.

    • Marcus jones
      20 June 2016

      I’m a local resident and I’m not against it. In fact I think it looks brilliant.

      • chrisb
        20 June 2016

        Hi Marcus,
        I appreciate you may be a keen cyclist, but wouldn’t it be possible to cycle slightly further and not concrete over a local park? My Dad is also a lifelong cyclist and was shocked to see the proposal, why not use reclaimed land or ex-business/industrial land than encroaching on scenic / green spaces. It’s remarkable that land was found to build private flats before a hospital (promised not delivered), yet for ‘community’ facilities the parks and the few remaining green areas are sacrificed and built over.

  23. Dave.B
    2 July 2016

    This looks wonderfully on paper, but it just scares me as to what it will be actually like. I am only going to comment on one area as its what I actually know about. So many skateparks have been built that are just not worth skating. A good skatepark will attract skaters for all over and once that happens they stay in good condition as the skaters take pride in what they skate (if it is any good) if not they just become a hang out area and that’s when trouble starts. The Watford area has never had a decent skatepark that is worth skating and one that you want to return to again and again. I and many others have skated this area for over 35yrs and have to travel to find anything worth skating. It’s easy to hash something up, but takes skill to get it right. Very scared that they will get it wrong, please prove me wrong

  24. Margaret Jenkins
    5 September 2016

    Brilliant! Just what is needed in this area. I believe this neatly designed cycle park will install a feeling of freedom in all the youngsters who use it, somewhere they can meet friends, make friends, doing something which is fun, in the fresh air. They can practice their skills as hard or as little as they like, without authoritarism looking over them. Where else can young people gather in the open air, near home. Let’s get the youngsters out, away from computer screens, talking to each other and having fun.
    Please don’t use drug dealing and taking of drugs as an excuse to stop this venture. Drug dealing/taking is more likely to happen in the area as it is now, under the cover of trees and away from police eyes, not in a big open space where the youngsters are having fun, (not bored and looking for a kick).
    I know the doggies want to walk through this area, but what’s to stop them doing it and watching the bikers too?
    As for the design, have you checked out the skatepark next to Harrow Bowl? It’s beautiful! I’ve walked past this park about twice a day for the last 34 years, there are always youngsters on it having fun or sitting on the grass watching others.
    I’m a 73 year old grandmother and think we should value our youth of today.

  25. Andrew Head
    6 September 2016

    Of course to use a skateboard park or bmx cycle track you need an expensive piece of equipment. It is likely that most users will be over 18. The proposed facilities after all are not designed exclusively for children and young people. In the same way sports pitches or an open grass and planted park is not exclusively for adults. Harrow skateboard park is as graffiti strewn as the Watford town centre one. Bearing in mind the almost daily graffiti attacks on the surfaces of Oxhey park, I expect these facilities will be equally targeted. The point on drug dealing was based on the experience of the old facilities at Riverside Road (1/4 mile from this proposal). They were provided at great cost, totally underused and became a ghetto for anti social behaviour. Of course the location contributed to the problems, and again this was adults causing the problems not children.

  26. Mark
    3 June 2017

    It seems the council will simply do what they want despite people being outraged at this loss of green space. I have no very little knowledge of legal matters but maybe someone out there does and maybe advise people on how to block the development…


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