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New Local Secondary School

Land near Carpenders Park Farm in Oxhey Lane, Carpenders Park, has been earmarked for a new school…


2 comments on “New Local Secondary School

    31 March 2016

    I find it truly scandalous that, 16 years after the closure of the single secondary school on the Oxhey estate, Herts CC have now purchased a site- for an undisclosed sum- for the purposes of building a new secondary school intended essentially for South Oxhey pupils. A further substantial sum will be required for building the school. The green belt site is poorly located in relation to the estate- too far for many pupils to reach on foot. As I stated in my book Poor But Proud, the former Clarendon buildings, or at least some of them, should have been retained for community and future educational use.

  2. John R. Swain
    31 March 2016

    As a former inhabitant of Oxhey Estate from 1953 until 1965, I’m inclined to agree with the above comments of David Reidy. I taught briefly at the aforementioned secondary school in the early 1960s and I was amazed to see how many of the teaching blocks on the former Clarendon site were systematically demolished from 1977 for a small private housing development. For those familiar with the current layout, Anson block, alongside Northwick Road, is still in use, but the main administrative building was dismantled in 2002. All the other blocks had disappeared when I called in to visit 36 years ago! Sir James Altham School closed in July 1989, almost 27 years ago, having been set up as a split-site comprehensive in September 1967.
    Readers may be interested to know that friend and prolific author, David Reidy, is involved in writing up the history of Clarendon School 1950-1967, which is due to be published later this year.


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