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FRIENDS OF OXHEY PARK : Newsletter  32 – April 2016

AGM Monday 11th April

We had to change the date to fit in with the availability of the room and this will now take place in the Tesco Community Room, rear of the store by the cushions, at 7.30pm next Monday. Please come if you can. The business part of our meeting is normally brief but includes the Chairman’s report on the past year and plans for the future.   This is also your chance to ask questions and to discuss current issues in the park. The main topic for discussion this year is likely to be the Council’s proposals for the area north of the river where they suggest a BMX Hub with a cafe and a skateboard park. These ideas have already sparked strong reactions, so far largely but by no means wholly against. It would be good to hear as many views as possible from our members at the meeting. If you are unable to come to the meeting you can find out more and respond directly to the Council by using the website www.watford.gov.uk/downloads/file/822/.

In the park now

One of our Councillors, Peter Taylor, has secured us a grant of £460 to buy shrubs for the terraces and we hope to be planting these within the next month. We have to wait until a water supply is made available but meanwhile there is preparatory digging to be done.   Rather late in the season we were given some tulip and daffodil bulbs. The tulips have been planted in beds near entrances and the daffodils are going to fill the gaps along the Eastbury Road, mainly by the entrance near Kingsfield Road. It may be too late for them to do much this year but with luck they will settle in and perform well in the future. Other planting plans include a wild flower strip on the bank by the depot but the area will need to be cleared and scarified first.

Clear ups – H&S not A&E

There are a few Health and Safety rules we all need to be aware of, especially now that we often find ourselves operating in different areas of the park. Strong shoes are needed, especially in muddy conditions and anyone working in among the brambles and nettles that will shortly grow so high needs long sleeves. Gloves are particularly important and we should all wear them to guard against bacteria from the rubbish we come across as well as glass, cans etc. We have a few pairs to lend but bringing your own of the kind you are happy in makes sense.

If you are working by or in the river you should first tell Sandy your plan and get an H&S briefing, then work in pairs. You should not go in more than a metre deep.

As usual our sessions will be on the second Saturday in the month from now until November, except August.



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