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Bucks Meadow Update

The Hertsmere part of the planning application for Bucks Meadow has been delayed once again to the 26th May. OVEG met with the 3 local ward councillors from Hertsmere on Wednesday, together with our ward Councillor Mr Iain Sharpe. We are happy to report that all three Hertsmere councillors support our views and oppose the development. Mr Carey Keates will speak, in opposition to the scheme, as community advocate at the committee meeting. Mr Iain Sharpe will also address the committee on our behalf.

You are, no doubt, aware that in February Watford Borough Council rejected the access and traffic part of the Planning Application for Bucks Meadow. The two independent traffic reports together with the report from our planning lawyer that OVEG commissioned played a significant part in determining this decision. We have sent copies of these reports to the planning department at Hertsmere.

Should you wish to discuss the Bucks Meadow development please call Kim on 01923 639037 or email planning@oveg.org.

Thanks for your support…


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This entry was posted on 20 April 2016 by in All News, Planning News.