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Oxhey Park Clear Up

Hi everyone

Well after an eventful 24 hours we have our park back!  For those who don’t know what’s been happening here’s the Watford Observer article…


The ‘invaders’ left this evening thankfully, leaving rubbish scattered around, though some of it is in black bags, also the odd nappy!  And the grass is a muddy mess.


For those who haven’t seen it on Facebook Sandy received this letter…

” A notice requiring the travellers to leave the park by 11am tomorrow has been served. If they fail to leave we will be applying to the court immediately to get an order that we can enforce with bailiffs if needed. We hope to have the park fully accessible to all again by the weekend and are following the legal processes to make this happen. We will be ensuring the park is cleaned up if needed. “

Any member/partner enquiries should be directed to the duty eho, Simone Smith on 278905 any public enquiries should be directed to CSC in the first instance, 278503.

A further update will be provided to you tomorrow by midday unless there is significant information beforehand. We are also in the process of considering if some form of temporary barrier is practical to prevent any further encampments before next Thursday given that there are an increasing number of travelers expected over the coming days to Herts.

Paul Rabbitts
Environmental Services Client Manager (Parks, Open Spaces & Projects)

Our local Councillors say….

The council’s parks team will make sure that the park is cleaned up once it is vacated. Council officers are confident that this whole process (including tidying up the park) will be completed by Friday evening or Saturday morning at the very latest.

Kind regards
Peter Taylor, Joanna Maestas and Iain Sharpe

So as we’re holding our monthly Clear Up this Saturday, 10.30 by the park bridge as usual, there may not be too much of the mess left and we can concentrate on other things!

Hope some of you can join Friends of Oxhey Park on Saturday

Thanks for all your support for our lovely (most of the time!) park

Celia Smith – FoOP Sec



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This entry was posted on 11 May 2016 by in All News, Local Events, Local News.