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Bucks Meadow – High Court

A developer has gone to the High Court to establish its claim to build on a former riding school in Bushey.

Clovercourt Fusion, who submitted plans to build 34 houses and flats on the Bucks Meadow Riding School site in Bucks Avenue, has issued High Court proceedings…


2 comments on “Bucks Meadow – High Court

  1. P Carter
    28 May 2016

    It’s a pity the scheme was not approved Bushey needs homes desperately and right now!

    • D Miller
      11 September 2016

      Not these sorts of homes though, they are not in keeping with the area plus there are hundreds of flats being put up within a square mile. I completely disagree with P Carter. What Bushey needs are more family homes for those families who are moving from the 2 bed cottages and 2 bed flats. Family homes and not flats are much more in keeping with the area where Bucks Meadow sits.


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This entry was posted on 27 May 2016 by in All News, Planning News.