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Station Rezoning

Our local councillors are calling for Watford’s stations to be rezoned ahead of the Met Line extension…


6 comments on “Station Rezoning

  1. Gerry
    29 August 2016

    The train journey from Waterloo to North Sheen, the railway stop before Richmond, takes about 25 or so minutes, about the same time that the train journey from Euston takes to Bushey. However, North Sheen is in Zone 3, and Bushey is beyond Zone 6. Although I don’t know the prices of an annual ticket from North Sheen to Waterloo, I imagine that, being in Zone 3, it is less than that from Bushey to Euston. So, despite the similarity in train journeys, the Zones are different as will be the annual tickets. Clearly this is an additional justification for Bushey to be re-zoned.

    • Andrew Head
      30 August 2016

      its 40 minutes from Bushey on London Overground- but the time is not relevant, it is being in Hertfordshire and not London that dictates zones (with the odd exception)

  2. nick edgeworth
    30 August 2016

    At present Bushey station is a starting point to central London for commuters from as far away as Hemel who take advantage of the free parking in the streets around Oxhey Village. By all means rezone the station but at the same time implement residents’ parking in the nearby streets, The chaos of commuter parking in the area is becoming unbearable and needs to be addressed before the station is rezoned.

  3. Andrew Head
    30 August 2016

    Bushey was never in the zones at all until London Overground took over the slow line trains from Silverlink. The Met Line extension will create an issue, as it is likely that Croxley will stay in zone 7 and the two new stations will end up in 8. Watford Junction is not and never has been in the Travelcard zones and is priced as out of area for Oyster and Travelcard. As for people travelling from Hemel to Bushey, i expect most of the longer distance car drivers are actually from Radlett, Oxhey Hall or Watford itself (as Bushey train fares are cheaper than Watford Junction or Radlett to London). Making it zone 6 will only encourage people driving from Radlett to get the cheaper train fares. Rezoning will not occur as zone 8 was created to make the fares comparable to the pre-Oyster fares. Why would Transport for London want to use London tax payers money to subsidise Hertfordshire commuters, when Hertfordshire County was not prepared to subsidise the 142 and 258 bus routes?

    • nick edgeworth
      30 August 2016

      Good points Andrew but there are a few divers from Hemel.
      I don’t doubt many come from Radlett etc but the parking issue is still of great importance to local residents and the rezoning will only make it worse.

      • Andrew Head
        1 September 2016

        I am sure the prospect of CPZ would please London Overground as it would make its car park charges more attractive. Of course for many car parking in terrace streets is equally as difficult at the weekend and late evenings when the commuters are not there. I think the two issues are separate, because even if the station closed (which of course it wont), there would still be parking problems.


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