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Low Flying Aircraft


Source: Oxhey Opinion  Contact: Peter.Taylor@watford.gov.uk

2 comments on “Low Flying Aircraft

  1. Janice Silver
    11 September 2016

    I am sitting in my garden it is Sunday afternoon. There is one after the next constant low flying aircraft from Elstree. I don’t get much chance to sit out but I can’t stand the noise any longer. I live in Bushey village. It’s got worse than ever. It’s totally unfair. It’s actually made me feel unwell.

    • Heather Stewart
      14 September 2016

      I can completely empathise with you Janice.
      The constant circling of these aircraft on almost a daily basis over my home has been going on for ages now and like you is ruining the quality of my life in my own home. In this hectic noisy world we live in I so value the peace and quiet of my home and garden but now feel that has been taken away with little or no regard.


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