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Elstree Aerodrome Planes Update

Cllr Peter Taylor recently met with representatives from Elstree Aerodrome to discuss complaints from residents relating to low flying planes. Peter has also now joined the Elstree Aerodrome Consultative Committee and attended one of their meetings last week.

From 17 January all training planes leaving the aerodrome will be fitted with a GPS device to monitor their route and height. This will be used to check planes following complaints. The southern loop of their southern circuit is across Attenborough Fields. If they have strayed from this and flown over Oxhey Village then residents are encouraged to note the plane number and call the aerodrome control tower immediately on 0208 953 7480.

At 2pm each day the planes are supposed to switch from using one loop to the other one. This means that we should never have a situation where planes are flying over us all day. If we would like this change to become more frequent, then Peter can raise this at a consultative committee in the future.

Over 70% of all flights out of the aerodrome are from the company Flight Training London (FTL). Some residents have told us that they do not like to phone and complain to the flight tower. It is therefore suggested that you call FTL directly on 0203 005 3276 if planes are flying over your home. Their low wing planes are: GSUEB, GLVRS, GWARS, GCCZV.


Source: Oxhey Opinion

6 comments on “Elstree Aerodrome Planes Update

  1. Matthew Bolshaw
    16 December 2016

    If I may make a couple of comments on your post Low Flying Aircraft it would be appreciated.
    Firstly the heading Low Flying Aircraft is misleading. Aircraft flying a circuit pattern at Elstree Aerodrome do so at a “normal” circuit height as laid down by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and are NOT LOW.
    Secondly the GPS will only be in the training aircraft that are flying circuits and not all aircraft. The management at Elstree have no control over visitors etc.
    I am sure the Aerodrome Management are making every effort to keep any disturbance to a minimum.

    • backingthefields
      9 July 2018

      Whatever their flying height, they are still FAR TOO NOISY flying over Haydon Road (WD19 4DE).

  2. Trev
    9 April 2017

    We live in Haydon Road WD19 4DE which is right on the border between Hertsmere and Watford.

    Those black wingtip (flying school ones) have been disturbing the peace around here regularly. The trainers are ignoring the proper route.

    They must be stopped because we can’t be in our garden!

  3. Dejan
    8 July 2018

    I’m sorry to say this but the problem is getting out of control. Helicopters are now becoming more problem for us because the noise and the hight thy are flying on. Plase help us this is now becoming unbearable

  4. Robert Reith
    5 September 2018

    Helicopter noise in The Ridgway, Radlett on 5/8/18 has been unreasonably loud. Three circuits maybe, but more than that is a public nuisance. More control needed

    • backingthefields
      6 September 2018

      As advised, I phoned the complaints number at Elstree Aerodrome IMMEDIATELY a plane flew over Haydon Road and gave the exact time of 4:15pm (yesterday). They said that it’s very difficult to know which one of several planes it could be, because there were several up at around that time! They finally agreed to look into it.
      Regarding plane details, numbers etc., I just cannot read that information (my eyesight is poor and I don’t have a telescope!)
      Apart from giving the exact time, what else can we do to stop this nuisance?


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