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Bucks Meadow Update

The original plan for 34 dwellings at this site was rejected by both Watford and Hertsmere Councils. The developer has now submitted new plans for 27 dwellings here. To view the revised plans please visit the Hertsmere Council website and search for application 16/2272/FUL. Cllr Peter Taylor is scheduled to join representatives of OVEG at a meeting with the Hertsmere planning officers next week to discuss this proposal. An identical application has been submitted to Watford Borough Council because the access to the site is in Watford and would require a separate planning permission.

As ever, we would welcome your comments on this. Peter can be contacted at  taylorpc@hotmail.co.uk and OVEG’s Planning & Environment Officer, Kim can be contacted at planning@oveg.org. The formal deadline for comments is 2 January although in practice both Watford and Hertsmere Councils will consider objections submitted after that date right up to the point when the decision is made.

Source: Oxhey Opinion


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This entry was posted on 17 December 2016 by in All News, Planning News.