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Local Food Banks

Two local food banks rely on the support of our local community for food donations, volunteering and finances. More information about how to get help or give help can be found on their websites…

https://watford.foodbank.org.uk       http://www.redtrustbushey.org

Donations for the Red Trust can also be dropped off at Oxhey Angling in Capel Road between 9:30am and 4pm Mon-Sat (excluding Wednesdays).

Please help if you can…


3 comments on “Local Food Banks

  1. Bill Stephens
    1 February 2017

    Who benefits from the Foodbank collection in Tesco’s?

  2. Jane Hopkins
    1 February 2017

    Foodbank collection at Tesco Extra is taken to Watford Foodbank for distribution in Watford and South Oxhey. Jane H


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