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Planning Update

Bucks Meadow
Following a rigorously fought campaign from residents, ward councillors and OVEG, both HBC and WBC refused the original application for 34 dwellings on the Bucks Meadow site. Both refusals were also dismissed at appeal. This development was deemed as overdevelopment, out of character with the neighbourhood and harmful to the openness of the green belt.
The developer subsequently submitted 2 further applications, one for 27 dwellings and the latest one for 24 mainly detached and semi detached dwellings, on a much smaller overall footprint with limited public access.
Hertsmere Borough Council’s planning committee unanimously approved the 24 dwelling scheme on the 16th March. This latest scheme is an improvement on the previous 2 applications. The plans can be viewed on the Hertsmere Borough Council website HERE.
OVEG were instrumental in negotiating a number of enhanced community benefits with the developer, including picnic benches, further tree planting, an additional pond, limiting delivery times to outside of the peak and lifting all restrictions on public access.
The WBC planning committee heard the access part of the application on the 19th April. unfortunately, and despite local resident, OVEG and expert opinion opposing the access on safety grounds, the WBC committee voted in favour of the proposal. We are expecting demolition of the site to start towards the end of the summer.

9-13 Aldenham Road (next to The Railway Pub)
An application is being considered (pre app) to convert this building into flats. We await the formal application submission before making further comment.

26-28 Aldenham Road (Harp Windows)
Planning permission for this site was granted by WBC in 2015. There were 51 objections to this scheme by local residents. Despite this the WBC planning committee approved the scheme. The latest proposal increases the number of flats to 9 and parking spaces to 7. There does not seem to be any allocated parking for the retail premises below. Plans can be viewed and comments can be made directly on the WBC planning portal HERE.

Oxhey Park North
Kim Baxter (OVEG Planning & Environment Officer) will be attending the forum meetings organised by WBC to consult on the proposals for this site. Please email kim.baxter@oveg.org should you wish to comment.

2 comments on “Planning Update

  1. Jane Hopkins
    17 May 2017

    Please can you clarify the public access granted to the Bucks Meadow site.
    Will members of the public be able to walk on the fields below the development?
    If so, is any connection to Woodland Trist Greenway proposed?

  2. OVEG
    17 May 2017

    Hi Jane,

    In answer to your question, yes all of the land that the developer has purchased will be open to the public. However Madeline and Tom have retained the portion of land that abuts the Woodland Trust. They would not permit public access over this land. The portion of land open to the public is land locked with only one way in and one way out, via the access in Bucks Avenue. Should you have any more questions please email me direct at kim.baxter@oveg.org

    Planning and Environment Officer OVEG


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