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4-6 Lower Paddock Road

Residents are outraged by proposals to build 4 modern, 3 bedroom, 3 story detached style town houses in the back gardens of 4-6 Lower Paddock Road.

Back gardens were designated greenfield sites in 2010 and the national government wants to deter councils from granting planning permission on these valuable private amenity spaces. This policy is especially pertinent in a conservation area. Tandem back garden development is especially discouraged.

This type of development, if approved, will set a dangerous precedent that will pave the way for future back garden development in the village.

Watford Borough Council has a history of refusing back garden development outside of the conservation area. A single dwelling was refused in the back gardens of no. 10 Cedar Road and no. 7 Sherwoods Road. Both applications were dismissed on appeal. The inspectorate agreed with the residents and WBC that these developments were inappropriate.

OVEG are supporting local residents to fight this proposal. OVEG have spoken to the case officer Mr Paul Baxter, unfortunately he is considering recommending this for approval. He hasn’t visited the site yet.

We urge residents to make their objections on the WBC website HERE.

Key areas of concern pertinent to planning policy are:

– This proposal contravenes NPPF and WBC policies. It is a green field site within a conservation area. All development is considered harmful.

– All development must seek to maintain or enhance the character of the area. The proposed design is incongruous with the predominant 19th century terraced dwellings in the conservation area.

– This proposal will set a dangerous precedent, paving the way for future back garden development in the conservation area.

– The proposed private amenity space for the new dwellings contravenes WBC policy as they are below 11m to the rear boundary. The garden space of number 6 Lower Paddock Road will be virtually non existent.

A petition has also been started by local residents and can be found HERE.

We urge residents to make their personal feelings known to WBC as soon as possible.

The mayor and local councillors are aware of this proposal.

Should you have any questions/queries please contact our Planning & Environment Officer, Kim on 07775 844244 or at planning@oveg.org

4-6 LPRd

4-6 Lower Paddock

click on plan to enlarge

6 comments on “4-6 Lower Paddock Road

  1. Sarah Forrester
    20 June 2017

    This is gross over development, totally unacceptable on every level – with or without
    “conservation area status ‘ NO consideration for already congested parking, fire and emergency services access. NO consideration for adjacent residents.This is a totally unacceptable proposal.

  2. Libby Hickey
    21 June 2017

    Can’t even believe someone had the audacity to propose these plans.

  3. Paul Lavelly
    21 June 2017

    In a village where i pay a premium to live and own a property because of the heritage the fact this can even be being discussed is quite an outrage.
    How can the Council even consider a modern ‘nordic’ build in a ‘conservation area’, to me conservation means you conserve the look as is of historical or aesthetic importance !!!!!!!
    Outrageous and if this is passed it shows how corrupt the committee is !!

  4. Dominic Vis
    23 June 2017

    Other than an eyesore both on the landscape and to the local community; practical issues will stem to bring great burdens upon the local community including but not limited to issues with parking; increased pressure on local schools (which I might add are already struggling with large classes),& pollution (local gardens being destroyed to promote noise pollution and air pollution. the Architecture is in poor taste.

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