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4-6 Lower Paddock Road

The deadline for comments on the planning application at 4-6 Lower Paddock Road is Monday 3rd July. However, WBC have confirmed that they will accept representations up to the date of the planning committee meeting (likely to be in September). If you don’t think our back gardens should be built on, especially in the conservation area, please make sure you do the following…

Read our previous post about the application HERE

Have your say on the Watford Borough Council planning page HERE

Sign the petition HERE

Donate to our fighting fund HERE

Should you have any questions or queries you can contact our Planning & Environment Officer, Kim on 07775 844244 or at planning@oveg.org

2 comments on “4-6 Lower Paddock Road

  1. Brian and Jane Richards
    3 July 2017

    The proposed development is entirely out of character with the local built environment, comprising ultra-modern architecture in an area of traditional, mainly 19th century conventional properties.
    The density is excessive and back garden development should not be encouraged, indeed should be banned, in what is essentially a conservation area.
    The existing properties, nos. 4 and 6 Lower Paddock Road, appear to have no off-road parking facilities, and the proposed development will use up several metres of kerb space to provide an entrance to and exit from new allocated parking spaces. The number of parking spaces proposed, 14, is likely to be inadequate for the use of 4 3-bedroom properties including residents, visitors, deliveries etc. These factors will again exacerbate the already very severe parking and transition problems for local traffic.

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