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Ye Corner Planning Application

A planning application has been submitted for 15 residential units at Ye Corner (Aldenham Road/Chalk Hill).

You can find out more and have your say by submitting a comment HERE

Ye Corner1

Ye Corner2.png

Download this document HERE

9 comments on “Ye Corner Planning Application

  1. Lyn
    6 July 2017

    By posting the developers promotional leaflet, listing the advantages of this development OVEG have made it clear they support this development. The postings for the proposed development in Paddock Road  have only focussed on the negative side actively encouraging and expecting readers to oppose the development. Any scheme will have pros and cons but I am appalled that OVEG have allowed themselves to be used by this developer in promoting their scheme. Lyn Emerson

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    • Ian chapman
      6 July 2017

      Well said Lyn….

    • Ian Davis
      6 July 2017

      As the current chair of OVEG I can assure you that we do not post these notices because we support them. We post them to bring them to the attention of residents who might otherwise not be aware of them.

      You can see more details about our approach to planning on our website. In many cases we are quite neutral, but there are obvious exceptions where an application has significant consequences for the village, such as Bucks Meadow and Lower Paddock Road.

  2. Mathew Van Benschoten
    6 July 2017

    I believe OVEG are mainly conserved with preserving the character of the village, both socially and visually. This development appears to have a minimal effect on either category so not surprised if OVEG support it. Better than a cash4gold shop for sure.

    • Ian chapman
      6 July 2017

      So anyone that believes that the new residents will not eventually own a car or have visitors which come In a car is a daft

  3. Dave Smith
    6 July 2017

    The more people do not allow sensible redevelopment the greater the demand for homes. Our youngsters are being kept in limbo by those who have homes objecting to any new housing. This form of NIMBY mentality gets society nowhere.
    Corbyn needs to be in power to sort out this type of attitude.

    • Mathew Van Benschoten
      6 July 2017

      Corbyn or any person for that matter will not “sort” out any person’s attitude or opinion. I’d prefer not to make this a weird party issue b/c it’s an easy way to make people instantly ignore your argument. I agree that there is a housing shortage and I agree that everyone feels more housing should be built, just not in near them. The previous government acknowledged the housing shortage and had planned to override local councils and authorise development that would have otherwise been declined, even in cases of development on green belt (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/26/housing-crisis-ministers-urge-councils-build-green-belt-land/). With this in mind there is a certain amount of development that we won’t be able to stop. What we should focus on is keeping our conversation area free of this type of development and focus on development that clearly doesn’t keep in character. Building on gardens is clearly against this character. The proposal on Ye Corner is at least a more acceptable development, although yes parking will probably be affected. If the village hates it then let’s oppose it, but we’ll probably have to pick our fights and Ye Corner isn’t part of the conservation area.

    • Lyn Emerson
      7 July 2017

      I firmly believe we need more affordable housing. My concern for the Ye Corner development is a safety one. The access from chalk hill is not wide enough for a fire appliance to get to the site. Visually the development would be an improvement to the area but it brings a high level of risk.

  4. “Car-free development? How ridiculous. They should not grant planning permission unless it includes AT LEAST 2 parking spaces per residential unit. Most young couples have a car each. Where the blazes do they expect the residents to park 30 cars in an area that is already “challenged” in the parking department.
    It is all very well developing a brownfield site but they need to take account of the effect it is going to have on the neighbours.
    The access to the site is limited, and as has been said elsewhere, it would be difficult to access the site with a fire appliance.
    The only thing I think this development has going for it is its proximity to the station.


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