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10-12 Chalk Hill

A drop-in consultation event will be taking place this evening previewing proposals for a development at 10-12 Chalk Hill…


3 comments on “10-12 Chalk Hill

  1. Doreen Lincoln
    7 September 2017

    Only 80 car parking spaces for 200 plus homes. Entry to be via Chalk Hill. No provision for extra school places, GP etc. Agree it’s a great development site (if you are a non driving train spotter). Developers need to live in the real world. Needs revision.

  2. Andrew Head
    8 September 2017

    The only positive is that its mass will act as a great big sound barrier reducing the sound of the trains as they whiz around Bushey curve.

  3. Brian and Jane Richards
    18 September 2017

    This proposal simply beggars belief. An 11-storey monstrosity in stark modern architecture is exactly what this area does not need. It is entirely out of sympathy with everything in the area and will dwarf the surrounding buildings. The prospect from both Watford and Bushey sides is of a grossly misplaced cruise liner.
    The only site entrance appears to be on Chalk Hill itself, a stretch of road which is almost always heavy with traffic. Exiting the site by car would be dangerous and to add another 80 vehicles which will have to exit on to southbound Chalk Hill wherever their destination might be will paralyse an area which, thanks to the 3 sets of traffic lights around ( Aldenham Road junctions with Chalk Hill and Pinner Road, plus Dalton Way) is already close to gridlock.
    And of course it won’t just be the 80 cars from the allocated spaces – for 229 homes!- but the additional vehicles which will have to be parked around the area – goodness knows where.
    Other local developments have been required to provide an average of 2 parking places per property. This will not be needed for one-bedroom flats, but 80 spaces are far from adequate.
    I believe the principles underlying any development in this area should be:
    a) no taller than 3 storeys
    b) at least 1 parking space per bedroom
    c) an architectural style more in sympathy with the surroundings
    d) at least 2 access routes on to local roads.
    Some consideration must also be given to the impact of any additional development on school places, GP services etc. A full traffic survey along the lines of that done for the 37 Bucks Avenue proposal – but using up to date traffic figures – must be carried out and published for any proposed development.


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