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10-12 Chalk Hill Presentation

For those that couldn’t make the drop-in consultation on Thursday, the presentation boards can be downloaded HERE (part 1) and HERE (part 2).

Please note that this is currently only a proposal and a planning application has not yet been submitted. OVEG’s initial observations are that the 11 storey building represents overdevelopment and is out of character with the area. We will be keeping a close eye on it’s progress and will update you via our news feed and social media accordingly.

10-12 Chalk Hill.png

6 comments on “10-12 Chalk Hill Presentation

  1. Mathew Van Benschoten
    10 September 2017

    That’s huge. 11 stories, over 200 dwellings and just 80 parking spaces, are they serious?

  2. backingthefields
    11 September 2017

    This proposal is absolutely monstrous, diabolical, the most terrible ugly totally oversized unsuitable type of structure to impose on this area! It is FAR, FAR TOO HIGH and it would OVERSHADOW the railway and everything else around here!

    This developer is either taking the P..S out of everyone, wants to make lots of money (as they all do) or just doesn’t care a jot about all of us local residents.

    This proposed development MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!

  3. Andrew Head
    12 September 2017

    80 car parking spaces for 200+ dwellings? Yet Watford Council is demanding that the developer of 27 dwellings at Bucks Meadow provides a minimum of 62 car parking spaces! Lets see when its Watfords chance to make decisions it takes a similar view of at least two spaces per dwelling.

  4. Sarah Gale
    13 September 2017

    A conservation area is created only to be trashed by greedy developers and even greedier politicians to meet quotas. And blatantly just outside the perimeter ..Environmental considerations are thrown out of the window. Noise, air and traffic congestion pollution trashes a village. All seems an absolute contradiction to limit the number of parking spaces to 80 “in the name” of green issues , and yet even consider this monstrosity as a serious proposal, in an already over-populated area.

  5. Tricia
    14 September 2017

    That proposal is rdiculous!! It does look like a cruise ship has just docked next to the Arches. The traffic is bad enogh there without all the extra cars and builders lorries. This cannot be allowed to go through!

  6. Tas
    14 September 2017

    Absolutely ridiculous. Ask the developer and money makers if they would live there. Feel very sorry for residents around there. No consideration for environment, other styles of homes. current congestion. i tell you I am getting close to moving away from the area as it is.


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This entry was posted on 9 September 2017 by in All News, Planning News.